Content Writing Direction, Process & Structure

IMPORTANT: NO FLUFF or FILLER words. If your article includes fluffy or filler language, I will send it back. If you don’t know what fluffy writing is, here is a definition and tips for avoiding it:

Article must be value addition & informative enough to solve the topic problem and if not then will send it back for revision.

Website Target:

Online pharmacy & product information with all the pros & cons with in-depth guideline about product from introduction to where & how to order online in German.

Content Instruction:

  1. Don’t use words or sentence that meaning
    1. Without prescription (as seller issue the prescription so don’t say you will get product without prescription).
    2. Don’t say our doctor will prescribe – rather you say linked seller’s doctor will issue the prescription (as we are not providing service, we provide product information and who provide the service to buy online. so don’t say we do that… rather say seller do the things).
  2. Do write very professional German content – PERFECT GERMAN CONTENT!

Writing Guidelines

  • We can accept 1500 words article but don’t accept if article is just written for more words – Don’t focus on words, FOCUS ONLY ON VALUE!
  • Our INTENTION for article is to provide COMPLETE INDEPTH INFORMATION IN SORT & SIMPLE WAY about topic so that user get every information about topic and never have to look anywhere else for particular topic. (Don’t write here & there for just long article – I will send back for correction).
  • Must be MAIN POINT, SUB POINT, BULLET POINT wise content to get fast scan of article. (if I don’t find any sub point & bullet point in content then I will send back for edition).
  • Don’t want very long paragraph, make small small paragraphs and No more than 3-5 lines per paragraph
  • Use descriptive sub-headings to break down the topic
  • Use bulleted lists frequently to make the article more scanable.
  • Use bold or italic to emphasize important points.
  • Tone: “The Friendly Expert”: friendly, but highly informative and fact­dense.
  • Break the article into natural headings/sections to make it easier to read (a 700­word article should have 3­5 sections)
  • The single most important thing for these articles is to properly cite and attribute 3­5 great sources in the article, linking to them with a hyper link. If possible, find a source that is an actual expert. If not, cite a good, authoritative publication or website. Example: According to Dr. John Doe, cats sometimes eat grass because of such and such reasons that are supported by blah blah blah facts.
  • Cite the source if you’re presenting a fact. Only cite credible & authoritative sites (wikipedia, big magazines, webmd, etc. Only link to high quality and in-depth work – Don’t take reference from related general site of topic or non-creditable site… I will send back to you for revision.)
  • Please backup ALL your facts with links to evidence preferably from a site with some kind of authority in the market
  • Answer the question/topic with GOOD information from CREDIBLE sources

Process Guideline

  1. Come up with a catchy headline under 65 characters (some exception for catchy topic) long that includes the exact keyword or topic
  2. Write the article answering the question as best you can
  3. Include 3­10 in­text hyperlinks of good, relevant credible sources as you write (back up what you say with sources)
  4. COME UP WITH ARTICLE OUTLINE: If article is bigger & in-depth of general topic more than 1500 words then you have to come up with article outline before to write complete article (if I have pointed to come up with outline).

Structure Guideline

Section 1: Introduction

  • No more than 50 words if article really require big introduction then maximum 70 words
  • ONLY ONE paragraph
  • Short, creative intro to the topic; doesn’t have to be fancy

Section 2: Body Content – Sections 1­5: Info Sections (if 700 words around article)

  • Natural sections that make sense for the article
  • Each section should have its own heading
    • Headings should usually be sentences or questions.
  • Use these sections to ask related questions
  • If possible, use one of these sections to embed a hyper­relevant YouTube video with a short, 1­paragraph introduction (not compulsory but if topic can have then only).

Section 3: Conclusion

You can write brief ending text of the article


  1. We will check article thoroughly for spinning and whether done creatively to make it unique and if not then send back for revision.

If you have done really good work and willing to do same thing on regular basis then we have daily requirement for our project.